Despite Federal Government’s extra $10 a day for food, one-third of homes spending less

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Senator Richard Colbeck, Minister for Aged Care Services, has released the first report into providing residential aged care home operators an extra $10 per day per resident to improve food and nutritional standards.

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety cited $6 per day per resident was spent on food in a 2017 study. As a result, the Government allocated a $10 a day Basic Daily Fee supplement last year.

From July to December 2021, the average spend per person per day in residential care on meals  was $12.35. One-third of residential aged care homes were spending less than $10 a day.

Senator Colbeck said less than 2% of providers reported spending under $6 per resident per day on meals despite the additional funding.

He said the Department of Health will refer any provider spending less than $10 per resident per day, to the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC) to consider regulatory action.

“A spend less than $10 by any provider is no longer a satisfactory outcome. Residents deserve more,” said the Minister.