Do you think outdoor is dead? Think again!

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Victoria’s Multicultural Aged Care Services (MACS) recently won the National Public Relations Industry Association Golden Target Award for ‘Best Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign’.

It creatively used outdoor media to great effect.

MACS is a Geelong-based home and community care provider. Their market is ‘local’.

One signboard strategically located with very good creative can generate great impact and will be remembered.

Interestingly, outdoor advertising group APN promotes the fact that billboards are the ‘least avoided media’. I can believe that in a local area. You can’t stop people from looking, can you?

In this manner, they were able to show the real people behind the organisation. And if you ask me, the tagline ‘We help put the twinkle in your wrinkle’ is just brilliant.

We were unable to find the costs of the outdoor units as when we tried getting in touch (several times) with APN Outdoor, who had done this billboard, they were not very helpful and did not provide us with the info.