Envigor’s Nick Loudon points to need for single aged care peak in wake of new Visitor Code

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The outspoken CEO of Queensland-based home care provider Envigor – and LASA board member – has called on the aged care peak bodies and major organisations to unite under one umbrella before the next Federal election in 2022.

In a plea to the leaders of the seven groups on LinkedIn, Nick commended their efforts in delivering the new Visitor Code and $205 million in funding for operators to implement it.

“In the space of a week, profoundly shifting government rhetoric on Aged Care and the industries contribution to managing COVID 19, these are but very small examples of what can be achieved when the industry speaks with one voice,” he wrote.

“The time is NOW (before the next Federal Election) for the Seven Peaks to become ONE. Your members demand it. Older Australians desperately need it.”

This is a major request – but not unfeasible.

What is required is one voice with 100% Australia and sector-wide membership. This is a single board and lead executive structure which can happen quickly.

The strategy and process of amalgamating staff, bank accounts, property etc. can be done progressively.

2022 is just over 18 months away – if the leaders of the peak bodies were to move fast to achieve consensus, it could be in place in time to begin lobbying the nation’s leaders prior to the election being called.

It is likely the sector members will need to be in a position to lobby too.

As we have discussed, the Government’s spending in response to COVID-19 has emptied the coffers.

More importantly, Australia’s aged care operators have joined ‘Team Australia’ in delivering exceptional care to older Australians during the pandemic – temporarily undermining the findings of the Royal Commission into Aged Care’s Interim Report.

It is no longer the ‘problem’ for the Government that it once was considered – and will move into the background of ‘essential services’.

Without a strong voice come election time, will the Government be willing to back the transformation of the sector that the Commissioners will recommend?