Ex village execs creating new village concepts: WA’s Grandton Applecross

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Our Case Study No. 3 is John Frame, Ex-CFO at Baptistcare and Bethanie in WA.

Following the last two weeks where we featured Rod Fehring, Ex Lendlease, and Simon Militano, also Ex Lendlease, who are breaking away from retirement villages under the RVA Act, this week we feature John Frame who has conceived Grandton Applecross in Perth.

He is different from Rod Fehring and Simon Militano in that he will operate under the RV Act, but with a boutique private aged care offering.

His vision is an 80-apartment village with a 10-bed executive care suite. He has also established Grandton Applecross as a Not For Profit venture.

The development is in collaboration with upmarket Perth developer Norup+Wilson. The fact that it will operate under the Retirement Village Act is not mentioned in any of the marketing copy – just in the small print.

The positioning is luxury and support as you age.

Frame says Grandson Applecross has been 10 years in the making. He identified three objectives for ageing people:

  1. They want to stay in their own homes.
  2. They don’t want to be isolated in the suburbs.
  3. They want access to a vibrant community and services.

The apartments are adaptable as people age to accommodate lifters and wheelchairs. The 10-bed executive suite is available for respite and as required. The associated 24/7 nurse and staff service all residents.

The services it will offer include:

  • The Grandton Concierge service
  • Personal services
  • Allied health services
  • Clinical nursing services
  • Domestic assistance
  • Respite service
  • Social support services
  • Home maintenance and support services
  • Sociability services
  • Grandton enrichment programme

John and Norup+Wilson are going to the market now seeking pre sales.

Three case studies and three different approaches, but all different to the standard retirement village model, with the emphasis on the independence and control increasingly demanded by Baby Boomers.

Watch this space.