Flinders University and nurses union advocate for aged care nurses to save $2.6 billion

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The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (AMNF) Federal Secretary Annie Butler commissioned the Australian Industrial Transformation Institute (AITI) at Flinders University to conduct the study.

Their report advocated that an average of four hours and 18 minutes per day was required in direct care support in aged care homes per resident compared to the current two hours and 50 minutes.

It also supports that carer staff should be 30% registered nurses, 20% enrolled nurses and 50% care workers. The desired ratio of registered nurses during day shifts is one per 15 residents and one per 30 residents at night.

The Federation is seeking wage increases of 10 to 15%.

To counterbalance these costs, Flinders University says $2.6 billion in productivity and other gains would be achieved, with lower staff turnover, productivity gains, reduced hospitalisations and increased tax income.

Do you agree? Ansell Strategic’s Managing Director Cam Ansell says its research clearly shows mandated staff ratios are counter-productive.

Cam will review at the LEADERS SUMMIT (21-22 March) what works and what doesn’t in aged care operations plus his recommendations for the Royal Commission into Aged Care. Come and join the discussion with Cam plus network with over 600 colleagues.

Ansell Strategic Managing Director Cam Ansell.