Future aged care model: LDK sells 19 ACT care support homes in September (average age 82)

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Aged care and retirement living operators should be investigating this model.

Paul Browne’s innovative LDK Living (which stands for ‘love, decency, kindness’) added 19 sales to the 26 they took in August at their new development, Greenway Views, in Canberra – the average price $850,000.

Since sales opened in November 2019, 10 months ago, they have issued 133 net contracts.

Browne says he “never expected to do this in his wildest dreams”.

The product mix and the marketing, anchored in their “One Move Promise”, has fired up the sales.

We will go into the mix in more detail in our Retirement Living edition of The SOURCE, next Tuesday.

Meanwhile you can check out Greenway Views here and its sister brand Aspire Aged Care here.