HammondCare announces partnership with Dutch aged care leader Topaz

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Not For Profit aged care services and support provider HammondCare, in a bid to provide better outcomes for people with dementia, has announced a strategic partnership with the Netherlands aged and Huntington care leader, Topaz.

HammondCare and Topaz will share knowledge in areas like complex dementia and behaviours, Huntington’s disease, dementia design and professional development. There will be communities of practise, research collaboration and traineeship opportunities between the two organisations.

“This partnership will extend knowledge and capability in each organisation and align with HammondCare and our Mission to improve quality of life for people in need,” said HammondCare CEO Mike Baird.

Topaz CEO Lia de Jongh; Professor Wilco Achterberg, Leiden University Professor of Institutional Care and Elderly Care Medicine; Associate Professor Colm Cunningham, Director of The Dementia Centre, HammondCare; Professor Susan Kurrle, University of Sydney Curran Chair of Health in Older People, and host HammondCare Head of Dementia Centre Services, Marie Alford, announced the strategic partnership as part of a webinar “Stronger Together”.