Heritage Care upgrades its sleep monitoring to HSC Technology’s Talius platform

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Heritage Care’s newly-opened Northcote aged care home in Victoria is one of the first in Australia to employ the new Talius SleepSense bed sensor developed by HSC Technology Group.

The high-precision non-wearable sensor uses algorithms to analyse vital signs and sleep patterns, providing real-time visibility to staff members with updated reports every 10 minutes and immediate alert notifications if something goes wrong; data collected can also be shared with families.

According to Ailiene Faccin, Residence Manager at Heritage Northcote, SleepSense is a huge improvement on traditional sensor mats, which have been in use since the 1980s.

“As SleepSense is an electronic system, we don’t have to worry about sensor mats, which we know can fail—and also provide no dignity for the resident. With the SleepSense being placed under the leg or wheel of the bed itself, it provides the Resident with quality uninterrupted sleep that can be monitored from the nurses’ station.

“If residents have people coming into their room every two hours, it can be overwhelming and frightening. Whereas with the SleepSense we don’t have to disturb them overnight. This means we do not have to intrude on their privacy and preserves a Resident’s dignity unless necessary,” she said.

Heritage says SleepSense solves four big aged care challenges: compliance, staff engagement, communication with family, and resident autonomy.