Johnathan Thurston and residents object to Bolton Clarke redevelopment

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Some of Townsville’s biggest movers and shakers have objected to a redevelopment proposal for Bolton Clarke’s Rowes Bay retirement community.

Bolton Clarke intends to develop a new 30-bed accommodation centre, make additions to the existing 60-bed complex and building a new kitchen and laundry.

While the development looks to be given the green light by the council, some local residents, including former rugby league player Johnathan Thurston referred to as ‘Townsville royalty’, have raised objections.

“We have young children who like to play and use the footpaths and occasionally the streets of this neighbourhood, however the existing traffic and parking intrusions are such that this is starting to become unsafe,” the submission from Johnathan and his wife Samantha says.

“Further expansion will only increase the risks to children in the neighbourhood.”

There have been 15 submissions from nearby residents to stop the redevelopment.

Bolton Clarke has responded to objections, saying the proposal meets the intent of the low-density residential zone and the planned new building is of a “compatible scale” to the surrounds.

Bolton Clarke has also said it demonstrates “full compliance” to parking regulations, providing 55 spaces when 39 are required, and rejected concerns about traffic impacts.

“Due to the proposed increase of only two beds, it is not considered that the proposal generates sufficient impact on the existing road network,” the Bolton Clarke submission says.