Jubilee Catholic Parish in talks for the right to build retirement villages in Brisbane

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Jubilee Catholic Parish, with the backing of the Catholic Archdiocese, clearly sees the need for more retirement communities in the city of Brisbane in the future.

It states it intends to lodge a planning application with Brisbane City Council which “will allow for the careful upgrade and redevelopment of some of our properties over the next 30 years to support our missional objectives”.

Buildings associated with St Thomas More Church in Petrie Terrace, where homes sell for over $2 million, and Old Bernard’s Church in Paddington, are two sites approval to change the maximum building height to allow for the potential of retirement facilities.

The Church, which has yet to lodge a development application, wants Council to change the zoning to allow residential uses including dwelling houses, multiple dwellings, a residential care facility or retirement facility, or some commercial and retail uses such as offices, food and drink outlets.

“Many facilities are ageing, there are significant costs associated with maintaining our heritage buildings and the needs of the Parish and congregation are changing, as is our local community,” said Jubilee Catholic Parish on its website.

“In response to this, we are seeking to update the planning controls which apply to land in the Sacred Heart Church.

“This will support the sustainability of our Parish and to allow us to continue our pastoral presence in the area.’’


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