Judge overrules QLD council on aged care high-rise development

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A planning court judge has overturned Brisbane City Council’s decision to reject a three-building high-rise aged care centre in Taringa, 5km south-west of the CBD.

The development on a 11,830sq metre block, submitted by TriCare in 2017, was rejected by the council saying it was oversized and “dwarfed” the low-lying suburb.

The original application sought to build three towers of eight, 12 and 16 storeys each, but the actual height was equivalent to 10, 15 and 19 storeys.

The council advised TriCare to adjust the size of the development, “but only slight changes were then made  the applicant took the matter to the Planning and Environment Court. The court has now made a judgment,” said a council spokesperson.

In 2017, more than 800 submissions were made when community groups  protested the development of the facility with 218 beds, and two buildings of 48 and 98 retirement units respectively.

The first building was reduced from 16 storeys to seven, with the number of units reduced from 98 to 40.

The second building was reduced from 14 storeys to seven, with units reduced from 53 to 32, while the third building was also reduced to seven storeys and the number of residential care beds cut to 198.