Living Choice counts the cost of proposed NSW regulations at $626 per ILU per year. They claim all operators will suffer a significant drop in village value

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Australia’s largest private village operator, Living Choice, has reviewed the NSW draft regulations (that are due to come into effect on December 23) and concluded that three items alone will cost Living Choice $486,963 in the first year alone. The examples of the additional costs across its 5 NSW villages and 777 ILU’s are:
• External painting: its exclusion from Capital Maintenance will cost $318,963 per year – or $410 per ILU every year going forward
• Payroll Tax: the additional payroll cost to Living Choice will be $98,000
• Legal fees: on lease/loan contracts: with a cap of $200 cost to the incoming resident, Living Choice state they will have to pay $1000 per new contract, which will be $70,000 per year

Graham Hobbs of living Choice states “If these measures are made law, Living Choice will not make any further investments in NSW”.