Lookout transforms digital home care management, customised to your brand

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Lookout is a transformative technology that solves inefficiencies, keeps everyone informed and enhances the skills of your frontline staff.

Lookout has been designed and built by home care provider Five Good Friends and proven across 15,000 monthly care visits.

A truly customer-focused digital care management system

Using the smart phone app, clients and their nominated trusted loved ones have all information relevant to their care at their fingertips:

  • Relevant assigned team details.
  • Notifications of when care workers have arrived and departed.
  • Latest version of the care plan and details of services for each visit.
  • Visit schedules & matched care worker information.
  • Funding scheme details & financial statements.
  • Remote care monitoring.
  • Health and wellbeing surveys.
  • Devices that are connected.

Lookout can be utilised to run both home and telehealth care services from a single platform with a unified view of the care needs and history of every customer.

“We want to partner with the care sector by sharing our technology which is built on the experiences of managing our own care business.

“Unlike many other sectors, the care industry has been starved of software solutions focused on solving key problems. It has been hard for many organisations to evolve and modernise.

“We believe that aging Australians can live better lives in the homes and communities they love by empowering skilled and caring people with technology and tools, and we will see everyone thrive.”

Simon Lockyer – CEO, Five Good Friends and Lookout

Lookout delivers these proven advantages:

1. Digital and dynamic customer care plans

The dynamic care plan is designed to evolve with the needs of your clients and ensure that all stakeholders have the information they require to deliver fantastic care all in one, secure digital record.

The dynamic care plan can be updated in real-time by your case managers. Changes are tracked for auditing purposes and then updates are published immediately to the care worker and client app and time-stamped so people can see how current and up to date they are.

2. Checking in and out of every visit provides transparency and critical clinical information

Care workers are given directions to the client’s home through a Google Maps integration.

At the check-in screen, they are updated of any new tasks the case manager needs them to complete.

Checking in notifies your care teams, customers, authorised representatives and sharers that the care worker has arrived. Checking out lets everyone know the call is complete – allowing a customer’s network to have full transparency over who is in the home, when.

3. Lookout leverages the eyes and ears of your care workers to provide comprehensive oversight in the home

Lookout remote care monitoring provides unparalleled oversight. Care worker notes left in the app are analysed by the risk algorithm, detecting changes in a client’s health and wellbeing, alerting care managers in real-time. This enables care delivery to respond quickly, adjusting care plans and notifying care workers, customers and loved ones.

4. Remotely direct care workers through clear notifications published to the app

Your clinical, rostering or telehealth teams can publish ‘Should Knows’ and ‘Must Dos’ for upcoming care worker visits to ensure any required actions are not only taken but also confirmed as being completed.

  • ‘Should knows’ is essential information that a care worker should be aware of before completing a client visit.
  • ‘Must Dos’ are important tasks that must be completed by a care worker during a client visit.

5. Lookout regularly takes the pulse of your customers with surveys

Surveys can be designed to gather trend-based insight into your customer’s self-reported health and satisfaction. Surveys can be configured to trigger observations based on benchmarking to alert your clinical staff about critical changes.

Surveys can be answered by clients on their behalf or by trusted loved ones utilising the customer app. Results are published on the client’s profile.

Pre-configured surveys include:

  • PREM – The Commonwealth Government’s Customer Experience Survey
  • PROM – EQ5D

6. Additional non-intrusive monitoring with pre-configured Lookout connected devices

By integrating with Lookout, connected devices can pass critical information back to a customer’s health timeline.

This additional information is important for when your staff or care workers are not present in the home.

When combined with our other health timeline insights, it assists your care staff to make better support decisions, leading to better health outcomes for customers.

7. Improve collaboration and client outcomes

Unlock the potential of your team by providing them with the tools to collaborate and communicate effectively – building confidence in their roles, reducing errors, and improving retention of great staff.

With Lookout, care staff can operate at the top of their licence by getting the right information, to the right people, instantly.

8. Support

Implementing new systems can be intimidating and difficult. Audits and regulation mean change can’t be taken lightly.

Lookout’s dedicated solutions team & administration tools support care businesses from setup through to ongoing day-to-day usage.

9. Future proof your business at a price that meets your organisations budget

Lookout is a complete end to end digital care management SaaS solution.

It supports care organisations of all sizes and in all geographies.

Lookout is priced based on the number and type of customers the organisation looks to onboard. Flexible pricing ensures that smaller care organisations can get on board with Lookout affordably knowing the costs will only grow as their business does.

10. July 2022 and Recommendation 68

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety findings emphasise the home care sector must radically improve how care is delivered, measured and monitored.

The findings highlight a lack of transparency where families and informal carers are often excluded from knowing what is happening.

Lookout solves these problems.

Recommendation 68 says “every approved home care provider delivering personal care or clinical care needs to use a digital care management system by July 2022.”

Lookout will deliver this requirement. 

11. Your brand / attract new customers

Lookout partners can create customer and helper apps in your own branding and styling, positioning you as a progressive operator in a competitive market.

New customer creation API tools integrate with existing marketing platforms to allow for lead nurturing and development.

12. Improve customer retention

Lookout machine learning algorithm allows you to identify customer risk as it happens and deploy early interventions that prevent things escalating.

Organisations like Five Good Friends that utilise Lookout achieve industry leading customer satisfaction and NPS scores which allows you to retain customers for longer.

Please call Ben on 0419 661 594 or email us here to talk about Lookout. We would welcome a friendly chat.