Meet Fearless Girl – she just won three Grand Prix Lion at Cannes (France)

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Fearless Girl imageThinking marketing strikes again!

Fearless Girl is back. One of my favourite ‘positioning’ campaigns has just won three top awards at the recent Cannes Lions Awards, the celebration of the best creative work in the world for:

  • PR;
  • Non-traditional Outdoor;
  • Works that Positively Impact Gender Inequity.

Check Fearless Girl out HERE.

The client: Boston-based investment firm, State Street Global Advisors.

The task: create a campaign to promote State Street’s “SHE” fund which invests in companies that put females in leadership positions.


The day before International Women’s day this year (8 March), Wall Street woke up to a new statue – a little bronze girl staring down the huge and iconic brass charging bull statue.

Fearless Girl – and State Street – captured the world’s attention not with outlandish budgets and Super Bowl advertisements but by being loud in the message ‘she’ conveys.

In fact, ‘she’ achieved 4.6 billion Twitter and 745 million Instagram impressions and reportedly increased the size of the State Street’s “SHE” fund by 374%.

And the statue is now valued between $27 Million and $38 Million.

So why is the ‘she’ campaign so successful?

  • It focused on a ‘bigger picture’ – culture shifting not just brand exposure
  • People could identify with the statue and her attitude
  • It had a large and loud target audience
  • Ideal timing
  • It leveraged social media – ‘selfies’!
  • It successfully turned an offline campaign into digital
  • The reaction was immediate
  • It has longevity (not just a one-month advertising campaign)
  • It gave the media something with substance to talk about

And what does this all mean? Shareable content is key and if anything….

Never underestimate the power of a selfie!