Melbourne aged care home goes into lockdown after staff member tests positive for COVID-19 – operator praises their quick response

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Yet another case of a single staff member being infected.

Embracia Aged Care in Reservoir, 12km north of the Melbourne CBD, has been forced to close its doors to visitors for two weeks after a staff member at the 104-bed home was diagnosed with coronavirus.

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) coordinated testing of all staff and residents at the home yesterday with all staff and visitors considered as close contacts placed into quarantine.

“The department will also support the facility in relation to cleaning, restricting transfers and new admissions, having separate staff work in separate areas and having appropriate ongoing monitoring of all staff and residents,” they said in a statement.

The family-run operator says the staff member is now in isolation in their home and managing their symptoms.

They last worked at the home on Wednesday, 27 May, and prior to that worked only three other shifts in the previous two weeks.

Managing Director, Sarah MacKenzie, whose father is also a resident at Embracia Reservoir, praised the staff member for attending their GP as soon as they developed signs and symptoms as well as staying away from the workplace.

“Once they returned a positive test, they informed us immediately enabling us to take prompt action,” she said.

Ms MacKenzie also stated that no other residents or staff are currently showing any other signs or symptoms of COVID-19, but asked families for patience as they wait for the test results.

“I know as a daughter, I miss my Dad already, but I remind myself that my family chose Embracia Reservoir for a reason and I truly believe my Dad could be in no better hands,” she said.

Embracia has three aged care homes in Victoria and two in Queensland.