Mobile phone and tablet downloads prove videos will be selling villages sooner rather than later

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Google has just announced that Australians have the second highest per capita take-up of smartphones in the world after Singapore. In fact over half of all Australians have smartphones, says ACCAN. And ABS stats for information downloads by phones increased 32% between April and June compared to October to December last year. For computers the increase was 20%.
What are people downloading? Google says they are searching for local information and once found they are doing rating and price checks on their phones and tablets. They reported last November that tablets are out selling PC’s 4 to 1 across the globe.
What does this mean for selling retirement villages and aged care? It presents a remarkable opportunity. As operators you will be able to place your best salesperson, via video, before a customer that has identified themselves by searching for you, and your salesperson can give a pitch perfect sales presentation, ticking every product benefit and answer every frequent question. And then the potential customer can respond on the spot.
Our clients like Keyinvest and Tall Trees tell us that their videos get six times more the clicks than any other territory on their web sites. Clients with videos on get significantly more time spent on their listings. One of the three Tall Trees videos lasts nearly 8 minutes and 93% of people watch the full video. The more ‘depth’ to the video the greater the ‘stickiness’. The investment required to have a broadcast quality video of say 5 minutes written and produced by is $4,000. There is no charge to have videos on our web site.
The RVA is currently producing a video for the industry. They have engaged Jeff McGarn at marketing agency RGB; it will feature Glen Wheeler and will be released in 4 weeks at the RVA Conference (12-14 November).