Must have: Best Practice Principles for Seniors Community Design – free handbook

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If you have anything to do with owning, managing, buying, building, marketing, selling or supplying retirement living, do yourself a favour and get yourself a copy of this handbook while it is still available and still free.

It’s a 36-page guide on what makes a bankable and consumer saleable retirement living property.

It was created by a collaboration between Australia’s ThomsonAdsett (the world’s most experienced retirement and aged care architectural and design firm) and a steering committee of Property Council members.

Its objectives are:

  • assist operators in establishing or reviewing their own vision/values/philosophies
  • form part of an operators briefing package to a consultant
  • assist operators to establish or review their own prescriptive guidelines, i.e. act as a check and balance as to whether the principles are addressed in some way
  • develop market recognition for the retirement living sector through increased consumer confidence in improved design outcomes
  • assist operators to communicate the value of their design to the consumer

You won’t get a better simple language handbook containing real information and strategic guidance.

You can download it here for free or email Tieran Kimber, Group Director Seniors Living at ThomsonAdsett HERE.