New law firm jumps on class action bandwagon

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A partnership between solicitor Rodney Lewis, who also wrote the textbook Elderlaw in Australia, and Sydney-based law firm Foulsham & Geddes, Elderlaw is a new practice looking to offer a “market-driven bundle of legal services” for older people.

The group is also canvassing opportunities for class actions concerning elder law according to Lawyers Weekly.

“The new practice will be advising and acting on issues as widely varied as aged care accommodation agreements and as well, addressing conflicts which tend to arise in each of those areas,” Mr. Lewis said.

He is supported as follows in the Michael Bachelard article in the Fairfax Media:

‘Aged care expert and Monash University Professor Joe Ibrahim foresees a time when a big law firm takes on some cases.

“So potentially you’d end up with Slater and Gordon, pro bono, taking on a case of false imprisonment for a number of cases for a nursing home listed on the stock market, so you have a law firm worth billions fighting listed aged care worth billions fighting out on human rights.”

“I think that’s the way it will go.”’