New South Wales government steps up to help social isolation in seniors

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Here is a great idea that you might be able to use if you are in NSW – and think about elsewhere.

The NSW Liberal government late last week launched the Combating Social Isolation for Seniors during COVID-19 Grant Program.

These grants are available to organisations (like villages and operators) to help create programs that foster social inclusion for seniors activities.

The grants must help older people connect with each other through online engagement or other ways,

Example programs could include:

  • a service provider starting a program of social support calls to isolated seniors (an example would be your emergency call centre doing outbound calls to residents – INS is one supplier that does this)
  • running regular online conference calls for groups meeting up such as craft, men’s sheds, etc. ‘House Party’ is a popular app for this and you may get funding to drive it
  • creating an online cafe or carer support group

Even if you’re not based in NSW it is worth doing some research into other grants that may be available for seniors during the pandemic.

A great place to start is obviously google but don’t forget your Local Member is also likely to have information in relation to possible grant options for a program you maybe wanting to get off the ground.