No more ‘announced’ accreditation visits of aged care home plus a star rating system: Carnell / Paterson Review of Aged Care Quality Regulatory Processes

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The much awaited ‘Carnell Report’ was not the bombshell some feared it would be and the government has been reluctant to even commit to any but one of the 10 recommendations.

That one recommendation is agreement to make all accreditation visits unannounced. Up until now aged care homes had up to 3 months’ notice of roughly when the creditors would call by for most visits.

It is a known fact that home operators would throw resources in to tidy up paperwork etc. before a visit. So this is a good move.

The other recommendation that stands out is to push forward with a star rating system for aged care homes and Carnell points to England’s care Quality Commission (CQC) system. See it HERE.

See an aged care home listing and its below average rating HERE.