Page Admins take notice – Big Changes Coming to Facebook’s Messaging Platform

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Facebook is a marketing phenomena. Facebook Messenger has the highest engagement rate today – 70% open rate and 20% click through rate of the messages sent on this platform.

Keeping the audience hooked can provide rich dividends for your business as its engagement rate is way higher than any other marketing channel that exists (except and agedcare101!).

But Facebook has had to tighten its oversight of what is happening on its platform (you will have read the bad media).

If you are a Page Admin, there is a deadline approaching, Jan 1 2019. You need to get your page approved by Facebook to send out free subscription messaging. If you use an agency or consultant, ask them if they have taken action.

Now the question may be; How do I get the approval? Well here is the step by step guide to help you.

Get to the application from Page settings > Messenger Platform and click the link “Request” under Advanced Messaging Features.

The application has three questions:

  1. Select the type of messages your Page will send from the three options: news, productivity or personal tracker.
  2. Provide additional details, describing the information and update services your messenger service provides.
  3. Give 2 examples of subscription messages your Page will send.

Here is a link to the same from Facebook:

If you feel you need any help, please get in touch and I will be happy to help you.