QLD resident association President Judy Mayfield steps sideways to be ARQRV Director – Sector Engagement

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The long time and widely respected President is handing the leadership over to Mel Dennison.

Judy Mayfield says the newly created role of Director – Sector Engagement is designed to “strengthen our ties with both industry and government”.

“Government now sees us as a useful go-between to inform residents about reforms and also as a way to engage them in consultation.  I believe there is an on-going role for us in working with industry and some operators already use us when they are dealing with resident issues in their village.” 

“I believe that residents are as much part of the Sector as is Government & industry.  Perhaps I have jumped out the fry pan into a sizzling hotbed of different sorts of issues, but from within our own areas of concern we need to find effective ways of engaging with each other, because as I see it we all want the same outcome – well run villages that are efficient and profit producing whilst ensuring the wellbeing of residents in a stress-free and supportive environment.”