QLD’s Freemasons split over $220M sale of Masonic Care aged care homes: The Australian

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The newspaper is reporting that lawyer Bruce Milner, the head of the Freemasons’ associated charity, the Board of Benevolence, resigned in June 2016 after being forced to repay more than $70,000 in expenses claimed for travel, meals and office furniture.

Changes to the charity’s constitution which extended the terms and autonomy of its board of directors and put them on a salary for the first time have also been reversed, returning the charity to its previous voluntary status.

Mr Milner had overseen the sale of Masonic Care’s 11 aged care homes for $223M in March last year and advocated for the changes to the board’s rules.

The Freemasons had also complained that the charity’s 2016 annual report last year showed that the board had received bonuses for the sale, with payments to management and the board growing by more than $5M.

As we covered here, Regis acquired 771 beds from the Freemasons plus land for retirement villages, with Masonic Care stating that it would re-direct the funds towards its charitable works.