Regis and Estia focus on staff retention and development programs

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With a workforce of over 7,000, Regis has told the 2018 UBS Australasia Conference that the development of its staff is now critical with several programs established, including:

  • Flourish – a proprietary development program for Registered Nurses that focuses on outcomes including team leadership and clinical supervision and has already had over 700 participants.
  • Quest – the Group’s Leadership Development program which has produced 124 graduates.
  • Lift – a project designed to reinforce the role of RN’s at the centre of the care model.

Estia is also focusing on its leadership development programs with a number of initiatives including:

  • Clinical development programs for Care Directors/RN’s.
  • A graduate nurse program to reinforce the retention of qualified nurses.

They are working too. Estia reports its staff retention has improved with turnover dropping from 30% a year to 20% – an impressive result.