Sadie Burling appointed BESTMED’S National Head of Aged Care

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After leaving her role as Head of Health, Ageing, Retirement and Disability Services at Paynter Dixon Construction in April, Sadie Burling has been appointed by aged care medication management system supplier BESTMED (Best Health Solutions) as National Head of Aged Care.

“Sadie has over 35 years of experience working in Senior Executive and Management roles in Aged Care, Acute health Care and Childcare Services,” said a LinkedIn post by Better Health Services, which is based in Granville, 18km west of Sydney’s CBD.

Ms Burling, also served as Executive Director/Deputy for Buckland Aged Care Services, which is based in Springwood, 72km west of Sydney’s CBD.

“I will now be concentrating my efforts in supporting Best Health Solutions in promoting a revolutionary electronic medication management system that will assist aged care services in meeting their compliance obligations and ensure positive and holistic outcomes for the consumers,” said Ms Burling, who spoke at the Leaders Summit 2021.