Sales in spy cameras spike as families ‘fearful’ of aged care abuse

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Retailers say they’ve seen an rise in spy camera purchases as an increasing number of families want to keep an eye on their older loved ones in residential aged care homes, reports 7News.

Mark Williamson, owner of an Australian website that sells hidden cameras, told he’s seen a spike in the number of families fearful their parents or grandparents are being abused.

Williamson said a quality camera would generally cost between $300 and $400.

But legal experts are also urging families to undertake detailed research and consider any potential legal consequences before installing a device in a facility bedroom.

“It’s vital that the elderly person gives their permission to a camera being installed in their room in the first place, and they also have to technically be the one who is doing the recording themselves. . . you have to get them to press the record button”, lawyer Justin Quill told 7News.

“It’s important to note that it might be lawful for the elderly person to record the incident, but that they can’t necessarily publish it themselves.

“However, they are entitled to provide the video to the relevant authorities because it’s in the public interest and they’re protecting their lawful interests”.

As we reported here, the Government has already announced $500,000 of funding for an Australian-first trial of CCTV footage across five SA aged care homes in the second half of this year.