Sanctions on Bupa Eden (NSW) extended for six months after Quality and Safety Commission finds “immediate and severe risk” to residents

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The sanctions were initially issued to the Eden facility (390 kilometres south of Wollongong) by the Department of Health in December 2018 after it failed to meet several accreditation standards outlined by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC).

The Department said that Bupa Eden had continued to fail to meet standards identified in the original sanction; including management systems, staffing and organisational development, and health and personal care.

A separate sanction placed on the facility in March 2019 after a resident was found with a maggot-infested wound in his head is set to expire in December of this year.

As we reported here last month, Eden is one of nine Bupa facilities across the country to be sanctioned by the ACQSC in the last 12 months. Several of its homes (including the Eden, Traralgon and Seaforth sites) have been sanctioned or found to be non-compliant more than once.