Seventh-day Adventists advocate against their own church’s multi-tower Wahroonga development

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Antidevelopment advocates are inside the tent!

The church has spent close to 10 years preparing for the development adjacent to its Wahroonga Adventist School and Sydney Adventist Hospital (The San).

Originally to be 500 residential and retirement apartments plus student accommodation, it has now been cut back to 175 apartments across four buildings, each of six storeys.

As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, the church’s Senior Elder David Swain is stating the development will have “irreversible adverse impacts” on the school and two churches on the Wahroonga Estate.

The President of the church’s South Pacific division, Pastor Glenn Townend, says “the development must proceed”.

It is the only cleared land available for residential development which will include housing for hospital workers and help fund the upgrading of the hospital.

David Swain is complaining about the scale and height which he says ignores local planning rules, creates excessive overshadowing, privacy challenges, traffic congestion, limited parking and bushfire hazards.

The partner in the development is Capital Bluestone.