Staff demand help after two residents attacked at Townsville retirement village

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Staff at a retirement village in Townsville, Queensland, have issued a desperate call for intervention by police, after two residents were attacked by people entering the village in as many months.

The Townsville Bulletin reports the two incidents at Cranbrook Suites Retirement Village are believed to have been an alleged assault and an alleged car-jacking.

Village Manager Lyn Freeman says not enough is being done by authorities.

“Elderly people are vulnerable; police have been around here helping them, you know, telling them how to keep themselves safe,” she said.

“I think getting vulnerable kids into the right situation (will help), they should be at school not wandering through here in the middle of the day.”

Cranbrook Suites resident Michael Franklin also called for more help for his fellow residents.

“What we need is a result, not promises,” he added.