Telehealth and 5G are both coming for village operators – Tunstall has researched Europe for the optimum retirement village strategy. Check before you act

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Do you need to invest heavily now in new personal alarm systems, ready for telehealth and 5G?

Tunstall says ‘No’, but you do need to start thinking of an alarm and telehealth system that will support you as new customer demands and solutions roll out.

Instead of talk, Tunstall commissioned through its UK and European operations, an independent study of telehealth and its financial benefits for operators.

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Benefit residents/benefit sales

The acceptance of telehealth has accelerated, thanks to COVID. And now that 5G is being rolled out and 5G devices are becoming more common, the opportunity to gain the benefits of combining telehealth and 5G are becoming apparent.

But operators need facts rather than hopes before developing strategies and investing.

The Tunstall research and White Paper provides real information, such as:

  1. Residents live independently longer – 8.6 months – utilising advanced proactive and personalised telecare, the delay in moving to residential care was 8.6 months
  2. Emergency calls per person were reduced by 54%
  3. Ambulance mobilisations were decreased by 36%

These are real benefits that can be promoted to prospective residents.

Start now but hasten slowly

Tunstall’s advice is now is the time to commence your review of alarm and telehealth strategies, but to hasten slowly because you need to build a solid strategy foundation so that the world’s best solutions can be built upon this base over time.

Europe is well advanced on Australia for instance, with field tested solutions and new telehealth, 5G and customer offerings being rolled out.

Tunstall is a market leader across the UK and Europe, with call centres handling over five million calls and telehealth directions a year. You can benefit from this experience.

To commence your journey, download the European research White Paper by filling in the form below.

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