The DCM Institute provides Covid-19 tools and resources to Village Managers and Operators

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Jodie Prosser, Tania Kelly and Jill Donaldson have created a wide range of tools and resources and made them available to any manager that needs them.

They include a list of frequently asked questions, checklists, sample resident and staff updates, posters, declaration forms and more.

You can find them HERE.

They include:

We also have material developed by other sector leaders:

COVID-19 and Communal Facilities Advice advice from MinterEllison HERE.

10 Legal Tips for Retirement Living Operators from Russell Kennedy HERE.

The Property Council shared, “Cleaning and hygiene is imperative to controlling the spread of COVID-19. The Department of Health has created a guide for proper cleaning protocol to ensure COVID-19 cannot remain on surfaces” HERE.

The Department of Health has created some handy guidelines and information resources. Important information relevant to the retirement living industry include; information about social distancing HERE.