The fastest growing industry in Australia, says Jim Hazel. Plus the Top 8 can expand by 40% without spending a dollar more on land.

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The cautious ex Adelaide Bank banker, ex CEO of Primelife and now with Becton’s aggressive
retirement village arm, Jim Hazel, opened the conference with the statement that retirement
and aged care is Australia’s fastest growing industry. Right or wrong, the development figures
are impressive.
Conference data showed the Top 8 Private operators have land set aside now for 12,900 new
ILU’s, (which will be worth $5+ billion when built – at an average value $400K). This is 41% more
than the 31,365 ILU’s they already operate. Who were listed as the Top 8 Private operators?
According to BBC they are:
Existing Development Total
DMF ILU’s ILU sites
Babcock & Brown Communities 6,800* 2,200 9,000
RVG (Macquarie Group) 6,700** 2,496 9,196
FKP / Aveo 6,100*** 1,400 7,500
Prime Trust 3,928**** 1,526 5,454
Stockland / ARC 3,050 3,277 6,327
Lend Lease / RBD 1,986 535 2,521
Aevum 1,943 400 2,343
Becton 858 1,097 1,955
31,365 12,931 44,296
*Includes the Prime Trust ILU’s managed by BBC
**Managed by FKP and marketed as Aveo villages. FKP also owns approx. 20% of RVG
***Does not include RVG villages – see note above
****Adjusted for 12% of ILU’s managed by BBC