The smart money is buying stock while village values are dropping

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Even though shares in village operators have halved in the past 4 months, we have
the scene where lots of shares are changing hands – meaning buyers are still buying
– including very savvy directors of some of those operators.
12 month Today Change Volumes –
peak Shares traded
5 days
Aevum $3.98 $2.22 -44% 0.2 mill*
Babcock & Brown $1.10 $0.52 -53% 3.8 mill
FKP** $7.59 $3.25 -59% 3.9 mill
ING Real Estate
Communities $1.45 $0.74 -49% 3.8 mill
Prime Trust $1.06 $0.58 -45% 1.4 mill
*Aevum has only a small amount of shares available to trade.
**FKP’s results are dominated by its broader property development businesses.
Aevum’s Chairman Graham Lezner was buying 25,000 shares at $2.10 in March. BBC’s
Director Rob Topfer bought 1.19 million shares around 1st April at an average of $0.54
and BBC Director Graeme Martin bought 75,000 shares on 11 April at $0.53. ING’s
Company Secretary Hugh Thomson bought 30,000 shares at $0.67 on 8 April.
Of particular interest is the fact that Graeme Martin is buying; he is one of the most highly
regarded property advisors in the industry having run Colliers’ Hospital/Aged Care/Village
business for many years – see next story