The village tech solution loved by residents and village marketers

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Eevi quietly custom builds village alarm and communication ecosystems that residents actually use and love.

They like Eevi so much that they tell their friends why life is better in their village, which village marketers really like.

And the love affair is genuine. In fact, over the past 15 months Eevi has delivered stellar Net Promoter Scores, between 69 and 82, which means that residents are not only using Eevi, they are indicating that they will promote Eevi to their friends.

Who said new tech is too difficult for older souls?

Utilising today’s leading tech brands, Eevi has created open ecosystems that easily integrate with village systems, to optimise health outcomes for those trusted to your care.

With Eevi there to monitor events in a crisis and check-in on residents, the load on carers is reduced without reducing the quality of care provided.

Eevi’s Friends & Family Smartphone App (Android and iPhone) has all the functions you would want, with the knowledge that it is actually used and valued by families.

This is all because Eevi has done the research, mapping thousands of user tech pain data points, then solving them. Their stated mission is ‘to be the best in the world at listening to elders and then, through their design thinking process, innovating that into useful solutions and technology, It is also why some of the largest village operators have embedded Eevi in their product mix.

Please contact Eevi here to learn how your village tech setup can painlessly deliver the ultimate resident experience, turning residents into advocates for your village tech and creating a major marketing asset for your village.

Email Michael Lusis at, or call Michael Lusis on 0419 774 368.

They’re here to help.