Transparency: Trailblazer Whiddon provides residents with performance updates

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Not For Profit care provider, Whiddon, is pre-empting the Government’s reforms, publishing a quarterly report of data, such as financial information, compliance with regulatory standards, workforce, pricing and consumer feedback.

The report, which will be provided to consumers across Whiddon’s RAC and community care services, is aligned with recommendations made through the Aged Care Royal Commission.

“While we have not yet received Government directions around the Commission’s recommendations to increase transparency, we want to ensure that those entrusted in our care, along with their families, have access to honest and accurate information around our performance indicators, as soon as possible,” said Whiddon CEO Chris Mamarelis.

“Whiddon reviewed the Commission’s recommendations and used our own insights from resident, client and family surveys, to create the Report. Whiddon believes that bringing this information to light for residents, clients and families is incredibly important to them, and will further empower them to be true partners in their care.”

The first report was released in late August.

Whiddon has 21 residential aged care homes in NSW and southern Queensland.