Two DCM Institute Masterclasses on 9 and 16 August after great Professional Development Days in Melbourne and Sydney

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If you are one of our DCMI program participants, you may have attended one of our July Professional Development Days.

We completed our last session on Thursday 28 July in Sydney, where Katheryn Curnow from Wundertraining workshopped with us on “Mindset Matters”, which focused on being optimistic and presented us the circle of influence, negative bias and tips.

Katheryn said the feedback from the participants was “fantastic”.

“Of course, we want to take away from the presentations, but we want them to have fun and be engaged. The participants were laughing and getting up. It was fun for me too,” she said.

“One woman, who was at her first DCM Institute event, said she really enjoyed herself and found it so useful, unlike the other corporate events she had been to. I thought that was very telling.”

The DCMI September Professional Development days commence in Sydney on 1 September; go to the website for more details.

DCMI is also holding two Masterclasses in August with Jacqui Perkins for its Program Participants.

Jacqui’s Selling Solutions Masterclass “Closing with Confidence” on Tuesday, 9 August, will change the way participants think about “closing”.

Contrary to what managers might think, it’s not about “selling” – it’s about empowering your client to make an informed decision.

Jacqui will also cover how to convert undecided leads, using tension building questions to fast-track the decision-making process.

Please look out for the pre-work videos that will add value to your experience of the Masterclass!

Jacqui Perkins’ Selling Solutions Masterclass | REGISTER HERE
Closing with Confidence
Tuesday 9 August
WA | 
1:00pm SA | 1:30pm QLD, NSW, ACT, TAS & VIC | 2:00pm

Seven days later – Tuesday, 16 August – Jacqui will present Masterclass No. 7 of the Intentional Leadership series, addressing the topic of “Developing Resilience as a Leader”.

This Masterclass will discuss the concept of resilience not simply being a trait but a skill to be developed. She will be looking at tried and tested techniques that participants can keep in mind to help build resilience.

Once again, look out for the pre-work videos that will add value to your experience of the Masterclass.

Jacqui Perkins’ Intentional Leadership Masterclass | REGISTER HERE
Developing Resilience as a Leader

Tuesday 16 August
WA | 
1:00pm SA | 1:30pm QLD, NSW, ACT, TAS & VIC | 2:00pm

If you are interested in attending one of these sessions, please contact DCMI at for more details.