Update: Paul Browne’s new LDK village model draws five new residents out of aged care homes

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This is an important lesson for future retirement village operators.

In the last two weeks of sales of LDK Seniors Living in their new Canberra village, Greenway Views, they sold nine homes at an average of $810,000, based on their ‘One Move Promise’ value proposition.

Their care support program has been so successful that five people have moved out of residential aged care homes to join their partners in the village.

We have never heard of this occurring before.

In simple terms, they offer an ageing support model without residential aged care and operating under the Retirement Village Act, that says you won’t have to face a future potentially including residential aged care.

The financial model apparently appeals to the ‘new customer’ as well. Basically, you pay for services through a membership model.

To join the village, you pay the upfront fee which LDK says you will get back when you leave. No DMF. No capital gain.

Check LDK out HERE.

The lesson is demand continues to exceed supply of seniors’ accommodation that have a targeted value proposition.

LDK positions itself far more as a service provider far more than a property/accommodation provider.

This is the future according to Dr Markus Leser, Head of Ageing of CURAVIVA, Switzerland. His 2030 Strategy for the European Ageing Network is for all providers to transfer from property owners to service providers – and they are doing it now.

Paul Browne has risked tens of millions of dollars of his own hard cash backing this new vision for retirement villages.

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