WA Government delivers $18M funding boost for palliative care

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The WA Government has delivered a $17.8 million funding boost for palliative care, as the state pushes ahead with plans to enshrine euthanasia laws.

The funding will see $9 million go to 10 new palliative care beds, $6.3 million on regional community services, and $2.5 million on regional palliative care services.

Many of those living in palliative care are people living with dementia, a condition an estimated 41,630 people live with in Western Australia.

Last month, The Lower House of WA’s Parliament passed the Government’s voluntary assisted dying laws, in what is the first step in legalising the legislation.

The proposed bill would give terminally ill patients who are likely to die within six months the right to access medical help to end their own life.

Victoria is the only other state that current has VAD legislation.