Claude Rafin’s INS is supporting village residents, managers and staff with COVID-19

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INS is arguably the largest emergency support partner in the village sector plus the only group that provides qualified nurses in their call centre 24/7.

CEO Claude Rafin has reached out to say many of INS clients are now restricted in providing resident support services, with key staff staying off site for long periods, plus residents are self-isolating.

To overcome these challenges, INS is making available for free for two months their medical monitoring and welfare support services to anyone in the village sector, via their SmartHome Mobile App.

The SmartMobile App will be providing free phone and video calls between family, carers, village staff and clients, as well as emergency medical monitoring, telehealth vital sign recording, nurse on call, chat lines and concierge.

It will allow onsite nursing and care staff who may now be restricted in how they can interact with residents to conduct their own video, concierge, telehealth sessions.

You can reach INS here.