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Conferences – where are the marketing exec’s?

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Last week we attended the Property Council Annual Retirement Forum (NSW). About 200 attendees and no marketing people that I could identify. Mainly operations GMs, a few CEOs and a lot of suppliers.

Yet the topics covered will have a great impact on the product we marketers have the task to market and the landscape that we market in.

Kathryn Greiner was the only speaker that talked about the consumer (apart from the resident association representatives who had quite a lot to say, demonstrating that the content was relevant to marketers).

Ms Greiner discussed the recommendations from her NSW Government village inquiry. She put up the above slide, addressing ‘marketing’ recommendations. As you can see, she correctly identifies forthcoming tougher regulations as a marketing issue.

Same with the explanation of terms and conditions.

To the operational people attending the conference, these are ‘black letter’ legal issues that will have to be addressed somewhere in the system. Being careful with the wording of the disclosure documents at the early and late point of sale.

To a thinking marketer, unless careful worded and managed, these are actually ‘red alerts’ to the potential customer (and their families) that maybe this village contract is not such a good idea.

“Why are they being required to work so hard to warn me of what the cost of this is going to be and the rules and regulations to live peacefully in my own home”?

Attendance at conferences is essential for marketers. They get you out of your cocoon of your own corporation, where all you hear is your own experiences and judgements. They give you a wider and deeper understanding of the macro and micro issues. They allow you to recharge.

At last week’s conference you had the top CEOs in the sector giving their own fresh, frank and collegiate thoughts. All marketers would benefit.

Food for thought indeed.