Land lease communities increasingly questioned on rental fee hikes

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The media coverage of disgruntled LLC residents is increasing. This week Greens MP for Ballina (North Coast NSW) Tamara Smith (pictured above) and local land lease residents united to call for changes to Residential Land Lease Communities Act 2013 – with a focus on unjustifiable site fee increases.

Ms Smith and the residents claim the legislation needs to be amended to address “unjustifiable site fee increases” on the back of “unclear terms and conditions” that only favour operators.

“It is absurd that some of the most vulnerable people in our community are not protected from the laborious, legalistic and financially exhausting systems in place due to this Act,” Ms Smith told Echo.

Some of the issues highlighted by the MP and local residents included the price of power, no access to accurate financials from operators and general management concerns.

The Ballina region has a large number of land lease communities, which is what has prompted Ms Smith to act.

“The idea that these residents are at the whim and mercy of operators, without any oversight or transparency, is ludicrous and bizarre. I can’t think of any parallel,” Ms Smith said.

Residents do have a state representative body titled the Affiliated Residential Parks Residents Association (ARPRA) but Ballina residents say it is ineffective.