Living Choice’s first $20M LLC on NSW Central Coast knocked back by local Planning Panel

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The Central Coast Local Planning Panel has rejected an application from the SA-based operator to develop a land lease community with 202 homes at Avoca on a number of grounds including concerns regarding environmental zoning, stormwater run-off and overdevelopment.

The project has also faced backlash from locals, including Kincumber & Picketts Valley Community Action Group (KPVCAG).

“The importance of maintaining local green hinterlands for the health of surrounding eco systems, and maintaining the local character of the area, has always been a primary concern for the community,” said KPVCAG spokesperson Graham Murray.

“We just hope that Living Choice (the parent company of Choice Living Avoca) gives due consideration to the panel’s decision, goes back to the drawing board and proposes something significantly more sympathetic to the zoning of the property.”

Living Choice Australia Project Director, Phil Goodman, said that while the company was disappointed with the decision, it was willing to explore all options.

“It remains our view that the proposed development achieves a greater balance in providing suitable accommodation for a growing and aging population, whilst still retaining key wooded hillsides and green corridor linkages, and re-establishing watercourses to mimic natural conditions,” he said.