Mercer signs partnership with Parents At Work for Care & Living distribution

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Care & Living with Mercer (CaLM) has teamed up for a new partnership with Parents At Work (PAW), which provides coaching on balancing work and family life.

PAW has signed on as a B2B corporate distribution partner, and will advocate CaLM as a solution to employers looking to support staff members with caring responsibilities.

“We now, in terms of our business model, are established like a membership-based organisation. So, employers belong, and then in return we provide a number of services to those organisations.

“We have around 160 organisations we work with, not just in Australia, but actually worldwide,” said PAW CEO Emma Walsh (pictured above right).

According to Will Burkitt (pictured below right), Partner at CaLM, the partnership will help spread CaLM as a holistic solution for employers and their carer employees, and CaLM’s services have seen plenty of demand so far.

“Organisations recognising that they’re looking to support their employee workforce can choose across a more holistic seamless services package from parents of young children through to aging care needs. Then they can choose one or both depending on what their needs are.

“We can also help educate them and help them understand what their workforce profile looks like from this carers lens, which is, something that most organisations have not done up until the last year or two,” he said.

PAW has some 1,700 corporate clients; more information is available on its website.