NT offers workers up to $15,000 to boost population – aged care workers included

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The NT Government is spending $13.8 million to attract workers in 53 “high priority” occupations to create 21,000 jobs and add $10 billion to the economy over the next decade.

Under the incentives, singles will receive $3,000, couples will receive $6,000 and families will receive $7,000 as a relocation bonus.

New residents would also be eligible for a one-off $1,250 ‘local benefit’ bonus to spend in the first two years, as well as an additional cash bonus if they stay for five years – a total benefit for a family of over $15,000.

The incentives, which are also available for overseas migrants, will especially target early career women and mid-to-late career workers – those who are often employed in aged care.

Will the offer prove enticing enough?