QR codes for NSW retirement villages and aged care homes for “foreseeable future’’

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NSW Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello has stated that QR codes will remain in high-risk settings – including retirement villages and aged care – into the future, despite the state’s COVID-19 restrictions being expected to ease further next month.

“A high-risk setting would be going into a retirement village or a nursing home where clearly there will be a need for check-ins for not just the immediate future but the foreseeable future,” he said.

In NSW, businesses in high-risk areas are urged to adopt the COVID-19 Safety Plan, which includes restricting access points and having a Service NSW QR code.

Aveo, Australia’s largest village operator, has implemented visitor and staff QR Code registration across all its communities. Mandatory wearing of face masks is in force and all staff are trained on the correct protocols associated with wearing protective clothing effectively. Last month it mandated all staff had to have two doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

“Operators around the Retirement Living Council welcome certainty. Any measure that can assist in boosting the safety of residents and staff in these communities is a step in the right direction,” said Ben Myers, Executive Director of the Retirement Living Council.

“The loosening of restrictions are an inevitable factor. From the outset of COVID operators have been asking government to be clear about the rules for retirement communities. The retirement living industry has proven that they are prepared and up to the challenge, keeping residents and staff safe is of paramount importance.”

Every State Government has introduced their own QR code which must be scanned by every person entering a Residential Aged Care Facility.

The use of the QR Code Service will simplify and expedite Department of Health contact tracing in the event of an outbreak.