‘Retiree warning’: A Current Affair again confuses the public on retirement villages and lifestyle communities

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The Channel Nine program has again pushed for a federal investigation of the retirement village industry by highlighting the case of a resident at Hampshire Villages’ Pelican Shores – which is actually a land lease community in Geelong.

The program was about 62-year-old Charlie Sciberras, who was initially told his 40-year-old unit was worth $140,000 when he wanted to sell it, but was then informed he couldn’t sell the unit himself and the property was worth “next to nothing”.

Hampshire Villages told Channel Nine that a manager had made a mistake in telling Mr Sciberras that the unit was valued at $140,000.

However, they also pointed out Mr Sciberras occupies the cabin under an Annual Long Term Holiday Park Agreement – similar to a caravan park agreement – very different from a retirement village contract.

But ACA wants a government investigation of retirement villages!

When will they get their facts straight?