$30 million upgrades to public aged care facilities

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Victorian Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers Luke Donnellan also appeared at the briefing, announcing $30 million in funding for the state’s public residential aged care services.

The lion’s share of this package ($20 million) will be allocated to upgrading 33 facilities in metropolitan and regional Victoria, which collectively operate 1,787 beds.

Improvements will include infrastructure replacements, improved accessibility, refurbishing communal areas and replacing equipment.

A further $10 million will be spent on improvement projects across 19 regional facilities, which will come from the Government’s $350 million Regional Health Infrastructure Fund (RHIF).

The $20 million spend comes from the Government’s $2.7 billion Building Works program.

“A lot of it is maintenance-based,” said Mr Donnellan.

“It’s been identified in 2019 some of these works so now we’re getting on with doing then.”