The big picture – why every marketing manager must attend the LEADERS SUMMIT

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You are the marketing manager of a retirement village, home care or residential care operator.

You are responsible for designing your products and services to meet the needs of your potential and existing customers.

Your customers and the marketplace are changing rapidly – in every respect.

The customer drivers, new products and services, new regulations, new consumer advocacy, external financial pressures (think of the residential real estate market and government funding) and the media.

If you don’t understand all the competing pressures and opportunities, the dynamics and speed of change, how can you do your job exceptionally?

At DoComeMonday Media we all come from a marketing background.

Check out the program for the LEADERS SUMMIT and you will see it has been carefully shaped to deliver the big picture pressures and opportunities in the retirement village and care sectors.

In two days you will hear from 31 speakers who are CEOs at the coalface.

On top of this, we have Steve Monroe, the most authoritative observer and commentator of the US market. A brash New Yorker, he tells it as it is – why virtually no new retirement villages are being built and residential aged care is down to 84% occupancy.