Debbie McClure retires after 30 years at Ryman Healthcare

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The NZ operator’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Debbie McClure (pictured) is retiring after 30 years at the company.

Debbie started as a part-time receptionist at Ryman’s Woodcote village in Christchurch in 1990 and was known for her close connections to residents over the years.

The face of Ryman in Australia, she has led their growth from zero to 10 villages in development in seven years.

Debbie is famous for arriving in Melbourne unannounced in 2013 and immediately starting to ‘pull beers’ behind the bar of the local bowling club every Wednesday afternoon until Stage One of their first village Weary Dunlop was sold out.

For the past few years, she has headed sales and marketing for Ryman across 36 villages with over 11,600 residents across New Zealand and Australia, with 10 sites in various stages of management, development and planning around Victoria.