Natasha Chadwick planning new integrated vertical model with care and services – including retirement living

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The founder and CEO of NewDirection Care is proving yet again why she is the original aged care innovator, with plans for a new integrated model of care.

Now four years into the journey at NewDirection Care Bellmere – which launched in late 2017 at Bellmere, 50km north of Brisbane, to provide care for people with complex care needs including younger onset dementia – and joined by her son Justin and brother Greg in the business, Natasha is about to reinvent her MICRO TOWN® model again, with plans to diversify into seniors’ living.

The organisation has been planning a new integrated vertical model blending care, accommodation and services.

“The model will include retirement but it might not be the traditional kind of retirement village under the Retirement Village Act type of development,” Natasha stated. “But it will include accommodation and then care and services brought into that accommodation.”

The CEO hopes to appeal to partners and families looking to stay close to their loved ones.

“We have a lot of families that have moved from interstate, to NewDirection, because their partner or their parent or whoever it might be sees the value in our inclusive community care services,” she said.

“But then they are separated, and so we are looking at how we could still have a husband or a wife, a partner or family in that same accommodation, but getting the services where they need it.”

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